Poem: Alternatives?

November 27, 2019


It is gonna be nuclear power,
Tears run like fall-out shower,
Citizen votes denied,
Land owners cried,
Planning meetings with quasi participation,
Rubber stamps for the only formulation,
It’s not a fair fight,
Only one option is perceived as right,
At the cabinets alternatives non-existent,
How could the suits be fought from a tent?
When opponents are perceived as option zero,
Your neighbour turns to anti-hero,
Even our researcher friend seems to hesitate,
Is he not afraid of nuclear waste?

Billion euros project,
High hopes on local employment,
Should make the region thrive,
Keep the villages alive,
Media hype around economic opportunities,
Promoted as common good without alternatives,
Yet path towards national energy self-sufficiency,
Turns into security emergency,
Growing dependency on a military power,
Is the age of autonomy over?

We can fix climate change,
Never mind the marginalized rage,
Already before the plant is up,
People afraid even the local pub,
Inside families rising fences,
In vain struggles against senses,
Opponents targeted by a witch hunt,
Is there really a social warrant,
For a biased political foreplay,
Goose slayed, put on a tray,

Do not shoot the white pigeon,
Imagine responsible growth at the region,
Thousand and one alternatives,
There are also corporations like king of thieves,
Pros and cons in the ring,
Exclusion was a below belt strategy to win,
Looks turn to earth,
Global citizens give birth,
For hope of fair tomorrow,
Together me and my bro,

Poem by Simo Sarkki, researcher at University of Oulu. See: https://www.oulu.fi/university/researcher/simo-sarkki

Photo by Tiina Prittinen 2015, Dragon workshop, Hanhikivi Cape by Sam and Katah Kerson

Kuva Tiina Prittinen 2015, Sam ja Katah Kersonin työpajassa Pyhäjoen Hanhikivellä valmistunut teos