Invitation for Artist and Researchers

February 13, 2020

Invitation for Artist and Researchers

Co-operative Noidanlukko and Information Center Hanhikivi situated in Pyhäjoki, Finland, invite artists and researchers to apply their own work methods on the human-nature relationship and the environmental impacts of the planned nuclear power project in the municipality of Pyhäjoki in Northern Ostrobothnia. We are searching for groups, individuals, research projects and networks and we aim at co-operation with independent individuals or entities. We offer residency at the cottage of the Information Center Hanhikivi; the house and the yard situated close to the center of the small countryside municipality is suitable especially for small workshop meetings, journalistic and documentation work or small exhibitions and events.

This call is open until 31st of March 2020.

You can send your application by mail: infocenterhanhikivi (at)riseup.net. Please read this whole invitation text first.

The possibilities of the activities of the Information Center Hanhikivi vary, and are dependent on the sale of the co-operative shares. The house offers space for *accommodation and events. At summertime, also the yard with its trees and space for garden are at use. The activities are built always as volunteer work, and for example moderate daily food or firewood costs are shared among participants. Food, heating and accommodation costs are about 9-15 euros per day, depending on the situation.

You are welcome to share this invitation, and to join building our collective project!

We welcome art and research professionals, but also any project that stems from an idea,

group skills, search for knowledge, need to express or pure intuition. The most important thing is that you can describe your project, goals and actions beforehand and the project can be accepted to be included in the goals of the Co-operative Noidanlukko and the practical rules of the Information Center house. We are interested, for example, in different environmental protection projects, monitoring the state of environment and documenting the changes in the environment.

The goal of the Information Center Hanhikivi is to learn and inform better on the damages to the society and nature that a nuclear power project causes.

We are searching for ways to repair some of the damages done in Pyhäjoki. Our call is also inviting work, that brings forth the more vast problems of nuclear power projects, including economical unprofitability, creating dependency on nuclear power industry, supplanting ecological alternatives, and the oppression and damage towards people, nature and the peace between nations.
Alternative plans should be made for Hanhikivi Cape, supporting ecological energy production, such as wind, solar and biomass energy, and the sea area shared with Sweden should be utilised and protected.

Co-operative Noidanlukko can offer:

• support of Information Center Hanhikivi according to the resources of the time

• events and gatherings in Pyhäjoki and the area, where to implement art

and research or to gather or distribute information

• the countryside house yard, where to realise experiments based on ecologically sustainable living

• activities, that respect peace in the neighbourhood, nature and animals

• athmosphere, that encourages citizens to gather information, assess information

critically themselves and to be active

• attitude, where everyone is equal in learning and sharing experience and information

• Internet pages to disseminate nuclear power critical information

We encourage to creativity, humour and to interdisciplinary and artistic methods. The joining entities must approve the goals and principles of the Cooperative Noidanlukko. We can offer our support to projects that last until the end of year 2021 at the latest. The cooperative does not have any paid work, it can unfortunately not promise financial support and the project is at the responsibility of the entity that realises it.

We do offer our space, networks, support to non-profit work and our trust to human inventiveness to turn around the exploitative machineries, towards a more ecological and more equal world that is concerned with the rights and lives of future generations.

Please answer the following questions in the form of an application letter:

1. Name of the project, persons realising and responsible of the project? Are other people invited to be involved with the project?

2. Background of the project (scientific/artistic/other; part of some organisation's projects; the involved persons or organisations; is there clear goal/finance for the project)?

3. Project contents described overall, e.g. what is done, for whom, why and where?

4. What do you wish to accomplish through your project, is there a distinct outcome or direction?

5. What kind of support do you wish from the cooperation/cooperation board/Information Center Hanhikivi/from people or associations of the area (For example news articles collected by people, event organisation etc.)

6. Where will your work be presented (presentation, survey, text, article etc.)?

7. Are you interested in taking part in other activities of the cooperative? While staying at the house, everyone chips in (food, recycling activities, cleaning etc.) but do you have some workshop, lecture or other activity planned?

8. Are you interested in membership of the cooperation?

9. Your contact information

Osuuskunta Noidanlukko